Kalais Diablo 3 WizardHello world! ;)
This website is NOT run by Blizzard. It is fan site made by Kalais. I am just regular player, working as graphic designer and I like to make websites about games I play. I am huge fan of Diablo 1, I own big Diablo 1 website. Maybe it is weird for some but I didn't like Diablo 2 at all.

I was waiting many years for Diablo 3. I was lucky to win key to first closed beta with my Witchdoctor artwork. I really liked it but it was to short :) I started playing full retail version of D3 a bit late because in late December 2012. I really enjoy that game, but I think Auction House makes gameplay to easy so I am running 2 chars - softcore mage - playing with no real money, only in-game gold transactions and hardcore mage on my own rules (no Auction House at all, no buying, nor selling, using only items I have found or I've crafted and playing minimum MP1 difficulty).

Here is my BNET profilep, playing Europe server.

I hope you enjoy my calculators and they will help you with playing Diablo 3,